Statement of intent

IMG_3740xSo here it is. Yet another blog. Because with facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, reddit, instagram, flickr, old fashion email or the local pub, there definitely aren’t enough places out there for me to share my random thoughts.

But still, here it is, you weirdo who’s actually reading the initial post (… seriously dude). Promise not to bore you with anything overly personal. Just charts and photos. And the occasional post about how coffee is the most amazing thing in the world. Keep it concise.

The need for another one of these, you ask? Quite simply self disciple and my complete lack thereof. As I go about my day getting completely outraged by articles and opinions, on those damn immigrants takin’ our jobs and what people want, let me tell you what people really want and fools, Jeremy Corbyn will be the end of this party, as I get outraged and start having angry conversations in my head, it sometimes dawns upon me that I could have a quick look at the numbers and draw up some nice little charts to prove my point. But alas, self discipline is a class A bitch, I tell you. So nothing gets done and the voices in my head carry on, arguing about how people actually feel about the EU.

So lets give this a try, maybe it works out. Will go get a cup of coffee and when I come back, I’ll show you the latest photos with my matchbox camera. And yes, soon I’ll get to that electoral preferences analysis too.


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